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This corn-bean salsa recipe is fresh and healthy, mixed with tomato, onion, AVOCADO, and more! It's a perfect appetizer to bring along to a bbq or to serve poolside for a great summer snack. 2

Corn-Bean Salsa Recipe for Summer!

I was going to share a DIY art project with you this week, but after making my family’s corn-bean salsa for 3 days in a row over the 4th of July holiday weekend, for 3 different barbeques, I knew that I had to sneak the recipe in here, especially while we are in the prime season for it! I guess I shouldn’t really say that this is my family’s corn-bean salsa, but we make it A LOT. We all bring it to A LOT of barbeques, and we give out the recipe A LOT, so for the sake of sharing...

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