5 Ways to Decorate with Tulle

5 Ways to Decorate with Tulle | HappilyFrazzled.com

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Does anybody know what my kids are playing with?
5 ways to decorate with tulle | HappilyFrazzled.com
If you guessed a bazillion empty rolls of tulle, you win! These are the empty spools that built up in the process of DIY’ing the heck out of Ellie’s Tutu themed 2nd birthday party. I got a little obsessed with the tulle. For about $2.50 per 10-25 yards, it’s not hard to do, and you can do SO much with it. I already showed you last week how you can DIY a No-Sew tutu with tulle, but now I am going to show you 5 more ways to use tulle to make absolutely adorable party decorations whether your party is tutu themed or not!

ONE:Make your own wreath for the front door!DIY Tulle Wreath | HappilyFrazzled.com
To make a tulle wreath for the front door, you will need:

    *Foam Wreath: I used a 12″
    *Tulle: 3-4 6″rolls (25yd each)
    *Wooden Number
    *Fishing Line or Hot Glue Gun

The first step in making a tulle wreath is to determine the length of the tulle that you need. You can do this by cutting a strip of tulle, wrapping it around the foam wreath and tying it in a double knot. Trim to your liking and then cut the rest of your strips to match that length (check out this tip for cutting out multiple strips of tulle, that I used when making Ellie’s birthday tutu).
Tulle Wreath Tutorial | HappilyFrazzled.com
Once you have your strips of tulle cut, wrap each one around the wreath and tie it in a double knot. Continue to do this all the way around until it is filled to your liking. After it is complete, you can use it as-is or add/make a decoration for the front. I picked up a wooden “2” from Joann Fabrics for $2.99. I used a foam brush to cover it with modpodge and sprinkled on fine gold glitter. You can add a layer of modpodge (make sure it’s “gloss” and not “matte) over the glitter once it’s dry, to keep the glitter from shedding, but I do feel it takes away a little of the shine. I used a light spray of clear gloss finish over mine, but even that is optional. (Check back next week when I share lots of fun glitter tutorials!)

Once your decoration is dry, attach it to your wreath with fishing wire or hot glue. To easily hang it, tie two of the pieces of tulle together at the top of your wreath, so that they make a loop, and hang it from a wreath hook or a Command hook!

TWO:Make pompoms to hang from the ceiling! Decorate with Tulle | HappilyFrazzled.com

These tulle pompoms were so fun, you could almost use them in place of balloons! To make a tulle pompom, you will need:

    *Large piece of cardboard
    *Tulle: 25-50 yards
    *String or Wire
    *Command Hooks

Before you can make a tulle pompom, you need 2 circular forms to wrap the tulle on. You can do this by tracing a large bowl on a piece of cardboard, twice. Then trace a smaller bowl in the center of each (big enough that a spool of tulle can fit through it). Cut all of the circles out (you can cut a line connecting the large hole to the small hole if you need to). I happened to have these foam placemats from Ikea, so I cheated and just used those, by cutting a circle out of the middle. They are 15″ in diameter.
Tulle PomPom Tuturial | HappilyFrazzled.com
Once you have your two circles cut, you will need a long string or piece of wire. Lay that around the small circle of one of your forms and loosely tie it in a single knot or twist the wires with the ends sticking out beyond the edge of the large circle. You can add a few small pieces of tape to hold it in place. Then take your other circle form and place it on top like an Oreo, sandwiching the string in between them.

You will then start to wrap your tulle around the circle form, but pushing the spool through the center hole each time around, making sure that you don’t lose your string in your wrapping. You can use anywhere from 25-50 yards of tulle for this depending on how full you want it. I think I used about 30.
Tulle PomPom Tuturial | HappilyFrazzled.com
Once your tulle is fully wrapped around the form, slide your scissors between the two sandwich layers and cut the tulle all the way around. The tulle will start to expand a bit as you do this.

After the tulle is cut all the way around, grab the end of your strings or wire and begin pulling the knot tight, until is gathers all the tulle into the center. Double or triple knot your string, or securely twist your wire.
Tulle PomPom Tuturial | HappilyFrazzled.com
You can then remove the circle form from the tulle and fluff it until it forms a uniform ball. That’s it, an amazing tulle pom-pom to hang from the ceiling at your party! I didn’t have hot pink tulle with glitter, so I did have to add glitter to it so that it would match the rest. To do that, I just lightly misted the ball with spray adhesive (outside) after it was already made and sprinkled it with silver glitter. To hang the pompoms, I tied a ribbon to the center string and hung them from removable command hooks.

Glitter Tulle Pompom | HappilyFrazzled.comCommand Hooks for hanging pompoms | HappilyFrazzled.com

THREE:Make pompom garland!
Decorate with Tulle | HappilyFrazzled.com
A great addition to the tulle pompoms is to make a string of pompom garland to hang above a door way or dessert table. I think these are so cute! For the pompom garland, you will need:

    *Wire or String

Now you can use the same method as above for making smaller pompoms to string, but I found that to be time-consuming and a little tricky using such small circular forms. To make my small pompoms, I wrapped a few yards of tulle around a book, tied the center tightly with a string, snipped through the loops on both sides and fluffed them so that they formed a ball. This method is quick and easy, so it’s not hard to make a bunch of them. I strung them on some thin silver ribbon and hung them on our sliding door above our food table.
PomPom Garland Tutorial |HappilyFrazzled.com
FOUR:Add tulle to a string of lights!
DIY Tulle and Twinkle Light Garland | HappilyFrazzled.com
I love this lighted tulle garland!
For this you need:

    *String of Lights
    *Tulle in as many colors as you like
    *String of beads (optional)

It doesn’t get much simpler than this one! Cut a bunch of short strips of tulle, and tie them onto a string of lights. Use as many colors as you want and make the garland as full or sparse as you would like. I originally made this lighted garland for Ellie’s Winter ONE-derland 1st Birthday, in silver, pink, and white. I then just added some hot pink and gold tulle to it, and re-used it for this year! I added a string of beads in with mine when I attached the tulle, but it is totally not necessary. I just happened to have them lying around after Christmas.

LIghted Tulle Garland | HappilyFrazzled.comLIghted Tulle Garland | HappilyFrazzled.com

FIVE:Wrap tulle around a helium balloon!
Tutu Birthday Party | HappilyFrazzled.com
Okay, I can’t take any of the credit for this one. My mom made this for Ellie’s party and didn’t even tell me! I overheard one of my cousins talking about the party decor, and she said “even the thing on the lamp-post is creative.”

Ummmmmmmm…..I tied two latex balloons to my lamp-post…….people have been tying balloons to their lamp-post to mark a party location, since the invention of the birthday party! That is certainly not worth writing a blog about. It wasn’t until after the party when I was walking somebody out that I saw the tulle wrapped balloon!

My mom covered a mylar balloon with tulle, tied the bottom with ribbon and tied it to my lamp post. How cute is that! She did say that the tulle weighed the balloon down a bit, but she also used a few layers. If you stick to one layer of tulle, I think it would be fine. I’ve seen it on Pinterest with latex too.

Bonus:A Tulle Tutu!
Decorate with Tulle | HappilyFrazzled.com
I can’t do a whole post about tulle party decor and not link back to the DIY birthday outfit tutu-rial that I posted last week! Complete your party with the perfect party ensemble staple, A TUTU! Check out last weeks tutu-rial here!

I Hope you enjoyed these 5 fun and inexpensive ways decorate with tulle, now go make something! And if you have any crafty ideas for what I can do with all these empty spools, help a girl out!


5 Ways to Decorate with Tulle | HappilyFrazzled.com

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  1. Eugenia says:

    I love the idea of making a pompom garland!How creative, fun and beautiful! Thanks for sharing such interesting ways to decorate with tulle! Great job! 🙂

  2. I want to make some spring wreaths with tulle!

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    wow!just killing , you are so creative, wish I could be like you, the hanging pompom is impressive of all.
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      Thank you so much and thank you for stopping in! All of the crafts are much easier than they look when you actually break them down, you could totally make some pompoms!

  4. Great tips! I love using tulle.

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