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A tour of our new house in all it's "before photo" glory. | HappilyFrazzled.com 2

A Tour of our New House…in all its “before photo” glory!

Hi guys! I am finally back on the blog with a new post! I had always planned on taking some time off to get settled in the new house, but I think getting settled just turned into procrastinating. Procrastinating on the blog AND procrastinating on the getting settled. The lazy days of summer came on hard and fast for me and I haven’t been getting a whole lot done, but WE ARE LOVING OUR NEW HOUSE! I am working on getting my butt back in gear because there is SO much work to be done, and I have SO much...

A house tour and walk down memory lane of our first house, before we move. | HappilyFrazzled.com 0

A Tour of our First House…while it’s still our house!

We are moving in 2 DAYS. TWO!!! I can’t believe it! The moving truck is in our driveway, and a few of our awesome friends and family helped us get it filled to the brim over the weekend. We hand over our keys on Thursday and we won’t be getting the keys to our new place until Thursday as well, which means that until then we will be living with a section of our sectional, a tv, and some mattresses on the floor. What more could you want? I won’t even ask who packed the folding card table that was...

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