A Tour of our New House…in all its “before photo” glory!

A tour of our new house in all it's "before photo" glory. | HappilyFrazzled.com

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  1. Carrie, what a fantastic amount of space you have now (I’m jealous! It makes our itsy bitsy house seem like a postage stamp lol). It’s so exciting having a blank new canvas to put your own stamp on and that will come in time, when you have little ones you have to do it bit by bit as and when you have time (I’m still working on our home 4 years later). I’m really looking forward to following your progress and seeing the ‘after’ photos.

    • Carrie says:

      Thank you so much! Believe me, the extra space is a big change for us as well, I’m still getting used to it. I didn’t realize how much easier it is for design decisions to be formulated and narrowed down when working with a smaller space! Bit by bit though, just as you said :). Oh, and I love your house too btw! You have done so much with it and it has so much character ( ahappyhomeinholland.com )! Thanks for checking out my post!

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