Things Are About to Get Crazy…

Things Are About to get Crazy |

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

It is, it totally is and that’s what makes the crazy So Much Harder to accept. Christmas is truly my favorite holiday. I have always thought that, but since having kids, I can really declare it. I love the whole season of Christmas. In fact I wish that Thanksgiving was the first Thursday in November instead of the 4th, because once those trees go up in the mall, I’m so ready, but everybody knows that it’s not socially acceptable to start celebrating Christmas before… blah blah blah. Bring it on! Thanksgiving is the 26th this year, that means we don’t even get a full month to celebrate Christmas!!! Bah Humbug.

Having kids truly brought out my love for Christmas, but having my son also brought along his DECEMBER 20th BIRTHDAY. Yup. So there’s that. Which wouldn’t be so bad, if I didn’t also really love doing up birthdays almost as much as I love Christmas. It’s a conundrum. So the end of November starts my crazy train. It starts with my Birthday on the 22nd followed by (and some years, right on top of) Thanksgiving. I know that if I don’t start Gage’s birthday party planning by then I’m in trouble. I at least need to get the date and time set so that invitations can be done because we usually like to have the party the second weekend in December rather than 5 days before Christmas!

December then brings with it all the fun of decorating, shopping, baking, Christmas cards, Christmas crafts, pictures with Santa, the ole birthday, and of course all the events on the actual holiday and it’s eve. But, once we get through December, whew, time to relax into the new year, right? Nope, this nutball throws an annual New Year’s Eve party. This year will be our 11th!!! I know I should give it up, but I can’t. Like I’ve admitted before, I love a good party theme and it’s just fun, plus our party has turned kid friendly, so we don’t even need a sitter OR have to drive anywhere, win-win!

So for the first 3 years of my son’s life, this time of year has been busy to say the least, but once we got through NYE, we could pull on our slippers and sweatpants and hibernate for the winter. And then…this mama went and had baby #2 on February 1st. Yup. I have completely bookended the holidays with my two kid’s birthdays, because the holidays aren’t notoriously hectic enough. I know that the kids don’t HAVE to have a party every year, and I’m sure some years they won’t, but right now while they are so little, we love to celebrate with a party. I’m a glutton for punishment.

So I write all this 1. to vent and 2. to let you know what will be coming up for me in the next few months, because this year I have also added A BLOG to the mix. I know I could simplify and every year, I honestly do try, but this is truly so many of the things that I really love to do, just jam packed into three-ish nonstop months. So this crazy train is taking off, and I am actually really excited to get to blog about it along the way this year. At least if I am going crazy, you all are coming along with me!!!
Things Are About to get Crazy |
To get myself ready, I upgraded my coffee cup for the winter. This mama is going to need it and I helped the kids make their first paper chain to count down the days until Christmas. Remember these? I don’t think I’ve made one for 25 years!

Things Are About to get Crazy |
Things Are About to get Crazy |

Anybody else getting stressed excited for the holidays? Or have a birthday, a trip, or other big life event coinciding? Pour yourself a giant cup of coffee (or something stronger), get those Christmas carols blaring and commiserate with me!!!


PS. For anyone who has no idea what a paper chain is, it is strips of paper that are looped and glued/taped/stapled together to make a long chain. There is one “chain-link” loop for each day counting down to a big event or holiday. Each day you tear one off until you reach the big day, in our case, CHRISTMAS!!!!!! It’s a great advent calendar alternative to help little guys understand how many more days until “the big guy” will be paying them a visit, and you can practically make them for free with any paper or wrapping paper that you have laying around! 31 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!
Paper Chain Countdown to Christmas |

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