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How to separate and roast pumpkin seeds for a fun fall / halloween snack. | HappilyFrazzled.com 15

How to Separate and Roast Pumpkin Seeds

I am so lucky to live in an area of the world that has the pleasure of experiencing all four seasons throughout the year. It is seriously the best. At the start of EVERY new season, I get super excited and want to declare that whichever one it is, is my absolute favorite season, and at the time, I really believe it. Then fall comes along and COME ON! It’s just THE BEST, right??? There are so many amazing things about fall, and all the pumpkin spice stuff doesn’t even make my top 10. That’s how great fall is, it’s...

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Embracing My Childhood Doppelganger for Halloween

Ah, remember Blossom? Don’t get excited, I didn’t go as Blossom for Halloween, although that idea is definitely getting filed away. Blossom was a 1990’s sitcom about a teenage girl, played by Mayim Bialik. She was a little quirky, super fun, and super smart and had an awesome, fast talking friend named Six who would climb through her window and have sleepovers on her trundle bed. God, I loved that show, ok I really loved Joey Lawrence, but it was also a really great show. Blossom and I were about the same age, and while I was nowhere near as...

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Mummified Brownie Bites

I can’t believe Halloween is in a few days! There is so much that I want to post and so little time!!! This past weekend my family and I went to our good friends annual Halloween party. Halloween is their absolute favorite holiday, so they do it up every year, and they certainly don’t disappoint! I love myself a good party theme, so I can’t resist whipping up something Halloweeny to bring with us. This year I made Mummified Brownie Bites! With tots underfoot, costumes to put together, and travel to consider, I like to keep things as simple as...

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