Embracing My Childhood Doppelganger for Halloween


Ah, remember Blossom? Don’t get excited, I didn’t go as Blossom for Halloween, although that idea is definitely getting filed away. Blossom was a 1990’s sitcom about a teenage girl, played by Mayim Bialik. She was a little quirky, super fun, and super smart and had an awesome, fast talking friend named Six who would climb through her window and have sleepovers on her trundle bed. God, I loved that show, ok I really loved Joey Lawrence, but it was also a really great show. Blossom and I were about the same age, and while I was nowhere near as “cool” as Blossom, we could both rock a high ponytail and a pretty colorful wardrobe, and even I can admit that we do resemble each other a bit. So it was not that surprising that I was sometimes nicknamed “Blossom” when that show was in it’s prime, once even hearing “hey Blossom!” yelled by a complete stranger. This is when I should insert a completely embarrassing photo from about 7th grade, but you know, my blog and all…

How cute is he are they?Blossom Six and Joey

Blossom/Mayim and I have both matured quite a bit in the TWENTY YEARS since that show has been off the air. We’ve both stopped with the high ponytails and overalls, gotten a college degree (ok, she got 3, and a doctorate in neuroscience), had a couple of kids, and both recently started blogs (Mayim runs groknation.com). So this year for Halloween I found it only fitting to embrace my childhood doppelganger and go as Mayim Bialik’s “grown-up” TV character, and one of my favorite characters on TV right now, Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. Yup, same girl, but that’s not news, right?

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler

As is the goal for every Halloween costume aimed at women, I decided to turn it up a notch and make this a “Sexy Amy Farrah Fowler” costume. No, no I didn’t.

sexy nerd costume

I am a big believer that you do not have to spend a fortune on Halloween costumes. You can so often make them yourself with some items from the thrift store, your closet, and few cheap accessories. I am proud to say that this costume cost me a total of $11.23.
Amy Farrah Fowler Breakdown
The main components of an Amy Farrah Fowler costume are a straight knee-length skirt, a button down collared shirt in plaid or floral, a long sweater vest or V-neck cardigan with buttons, some dark tights, some loafers or very basic shoes, a purse with a cross body strap, a pair of rectangle shaped glasses, and a snap hair clip pinned pretty close to your side part.

Amy Farrah Fowler is definitely no Blossom when it comes to her wardrobe, but I had so much fun with this costume, and it was kind of nice to not have to spend two hours getting ready with hair, makeup, strapless bras, and heels, although I was quite pissed when the plain jane shoes I wore were hurting my feet by the end of the night.

I wore this costume last weekend to the Halloween party where I brought the Mummified Brownie Bites. While I couldn’t get my husband to dress as Sheldon, my kids did dress up for the party. My son went as an astronaut (Howard Wolowitz?), we found the jumpsuit for $5 at a resale + and found a helmet for $8 on Amazon. My daughter went as a zebra after her favorite stuffed animal “Zebie,” I splurged on ebay and spent $14 on that one, since Carter’s doesn’t make it anymore. Three costumes totaling less than $40! We had such a good time and can’t wait for trick-or-treating this weekend!!!

The AstronautThe Zebra

Any other adults dressing up? What are your little ones favorite costumes this year? Have fun and eat ALL THE CANDY!!!
Group Party shot


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