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AHHHH! I am participating in the 100 day project for the first time this year! And I am super excited/nervous/anxious about it!
The 100 Day Project “is a free global art project that anyone can participate in.” It is hosted by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson, and it is a creative project on Instagram that goes on for, you guessed it, 100 DAYS! This year it starts April 3rd (or you can start any time!). You can read more about it here. Basically it is a project that encourages consistent creativity every day for 100 days. You pick some type of creative project/outlet that you want to work on/explore and you commit to working on that one thing for 100 days. Photograph your progress and post it to instagram each day under the hashtag #the100dayproject. You will also want to add your own specific hashtag so that all of your posts can be easily grouped together.

Some people take on a big project that they chip away at everyday, while others pick one creative practice and do one small project each day. The options on how you can interpret this project for yourself are completely limitless. You can get very specific (100 days of watercolor landscapes) or leave it much more open (100 days of painting).

I have been wanting to participate since last year when I followed along with a couple other bloggers and Instagrammers as they completed the project. I think it will be good for me since I often like “the idea” of creativity, over actually committing time to sitting down and working on a project. I am super nervous though. 100 days is a lot. I am nervous that I am going to get to day 12 or day 67 and say “meh.” Following through on something once the initial excitement wears off is HARD guys, but I’ve heard that is where the real creativity begins. I am committing to this challenge. Plus, I put it on my New Years resolution, 18for2018 list, to motivate me to follow through! Please hold me accountable!!!

For my project I am doing #100daysofFeltFlowers . So far that hashtag hasn’t been taken yet so, fingers crossed. Back in 2015 when I was starting this blog, I thought that I would also open an Etsy shop. I wanted to sell mobiles, hair-clips and a few other things all made out of felt. I quickly realized that I was in no way capable of doing a blog and an Etsy shop simultaneously, while staying home with two toddlers, so the shop idea got shelved. I haven’t made much out of felt since then, despite having really enjoyed working with that medium. So, enter the 100 Day Project! I am super excited to pull out the ton of supplies that I bought myself back in 2015 and put them to some use, AND to see if I do actually enjoy making things!
The 100 Day Project |
I would love, love, LOVE for some friends to take on this challenge with me! Please? Is there anything that you wish you made more time for, but don’t? Is there some type of hobby that you wish you knew how to do, or that you wish you were better at? This is the perfect project for you! If you work on something for 100 days, you will get better at it!

I tell my kids all the time that you don’t get better at something if you don’t practice. I am forcing myself to follow my own advice here, because I am really hoping that this challenge helps me to improve my skills and creativity, and maybe even helps me figure out whether this is something that I want to explore further.

If you are looking for some more motivation to get started or are just intrigued by this whole challenge, you can check out some of these resources that discuss it a little further. – The official website for the project. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get links to their new Interview Series as well.

Elise Gets Crafty Podcast – Elise Blaha Cripe is one of my favorite follows, both on IG and through her podcast. This his her 3rd year taking on the project, and she is the main reason that I even know it exists. Check out episodes 101, 119,125, and 139 of her podcast for her past discussions on the project or you can read about her take on last year’s project on her blog.

100 Creatives Podcast – Last year Sally Harris’ 100 day project was to start a podcast and interview 100 creatives who were participating in the 100 day project! It’s inspiring and motivating and a great podcast to listen to if you are considering participating, or if you are in any creative field.

Well, let’s do this thing! You can follow along with me on Instagram, where the day-to-day updates will be happening, and I will probably check in occasionally on Facebook and here on the blog as well.
Wish me luck!
ps. If you are participating, drop your hashtag in the comments!!!
The 100 Day Project |

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