Sooo…I have a blog!

Welcome to the Happily Frazzled blog!!! It has been quite a few months in the making and I am so excited to finally be hitting PUBLISH! Thank you so much to everybody that has been following on Facebook. The support through the facebook page was just the kick in the pants that I needed to stop procrastinating and start moving forward, so THANK YOU!

I have been thinking about starting this blog for a while now, but it’s been one of those things that’s super fun to think about doing, and much harder to sit down, put in the work, and get up the courage to ACTUALLY DO IT. I’m not a writer, teacher, chef, interior decorator, life coach or a professional organizer anything. I have my bachelors in Fashion Merchandising…and very little interest in fashion…So, I kept doubting myself, and kept giving myself every excuse why I shouldn’t even get started, but then I kept snapping pictures of things that I was doing/crafting/cooking…just in case, and I kept thinking, maybe someday. And then one day I was on my third cup of coffee and decided what the hell, I am going to do it. I wrote it down. It was decided. And maaany months later, I have finally started A BLOG!!!

A little bit of my backstory and what has led me here…

I’ll be upfront and say that I’m not normally the type of person to put myself out there, or take risks. I’m a bit of an introvert. I’ve never been a very career or money driven person, so in my life, it has often been hard for me to find my direction and where my passion lies. I tend to get comfortable somewhere, do what I’m told, and stay put. I’m definitely NOT a Type A personality. 

Four years ago, right after my son was born, I made a pretty huge life change.  I decided to leave my job in insurance to stay home full time with my baby.  Being “a stay at home mom” is a role that I never in a million years thought that I would have the opportunity or ability to hold and it truly changed my life in every possible sense.  The last four years have been amazing.  This time spent at home, not only gave me the precious time to enjoy being a new mom, but it also gave me the chance to reflect on myself and start to figure out what things I truly value and enjoy.  I started to realize that maybe I couldn’t find my direction or purpose before, because it hadn’t been born yet!  That may sound silly to some, and I know that this life is not for everybody, but I have never felt more fulfilled than I have during these last few years, with now TWO little ones at home with me.  

My kids, my husband, and our home have become my passion.  They are what motivate me, and I am realizing that all of my little interests and hobbies, that I never thought were substantial enough to build a career around before, are what have made my life at home so satisfying, and what have really been the inspiration and driving force behind wanting to start this blog! While I don’t anticipate this being any type of career move for me, I am hoping that it does help me continue to “find myself,” and gives me the outlet that I think I need to step outside of my comfort zone a bit to see what else is out there, to get me to try new things, meet some new people and to help me figure out what comes next, so that when I do eventually have to grow up and join the real world again, it will be doing something I truly love (until then, I’ll keep renewing my insurance licenses every two years…womp, womp).

Why share all this publicly on the internet? Well over the past few months of planning this blog and debating whether to keep this as a completely personal blog/journal for myself, I started to realize that so many of my friends were going through similar situations. Whether you are a stay at home parent or not, we all go through times in our lives where we feel a little lost, where we are just not sure what comes next, or we feel like we want to make a change and are not sure how to do it. Whether it be in business, your relationship, your health, a new hobby or interest, most of us have something else out there that we would love to pursue, and we just don’t have the guts, the time, ugh…the money, to go after it. So although I am creating this blog to explore more of MY interests to help ME figure out what’s next, I also want to share with you all the things that I am learning to hopefully help you find your inspiration and motivation as well!

At the end of the day, we all want to be proud of ourselves, our homes, our marriages, the example we’re setting for our kids. It’s all about finding the balance. Allowing ourselves to pursue and enjoy the truly “happy” aspects of our lives, while trying not be so hard on ourselves through the inevitable “frazzled.”

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post!!!
Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of each other.


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9 Responses

  1. Ellen says:

    Wonderfully written ! Very interesting to me as one who loves you dearly. You amaze me !

  2. Uncle Warren says:

    Congratulations very well written.

  3. Aunt Janice says:

    Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Kara says:

    Hi Carrie! I’m so happy to see you blogging. I JUST started the process, I am very early in, registering the domain etc., but you give me inspiration (&hope). I felt the same, doubted myself, did I have anything to say, do I just talk about my work-from home job, when I do actually have other passions and interests, e.g. my son and family, reading (or maybe I don’t have other passions…lol) and then I just said screw it. I’m doing it.


    • Carrie says:

      That’s awesome Kara!!! I’ll be keeping an eye out for yours, can’t wait! Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while to get going. I made the decision to do this back in February! You just have to keep doing one thing at a time to get there. It can definitely be intimidating! I would go back and forth between “I can’t wait to get started” and “why on earth would I want to put myself out there like that,” haha! Check out the How They Blog podcast, I found it really motivating. You can find it through itunes or Good Luck!!!

  5. Carol Twardowski says:

    I am really proud of you, the blog is so expressive, I love it.

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